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BEACON40® Personal is best suited for individual use. Its award-winning design easily integrates into any compact space, such as desks, reading areas, or meditation/yoga spots. The light emits a 40Hz flicker to enhance memory, sleep, and focus while you go about your daily activities. BEACON40® Personal is expandable to deliver synchronized 40Hz light to up to 15 satellites.



BEACON40® Surround is an optimal two-light system designed for larger areas, ensuring consistent exposure to 40Hz light regardless of your position in a room. Suitable for placement on either side of a TV, across kitchen counters, or in shared workspaces, this system enhances memory, sleep, and focus while you go about daily activities.



BEACON40® Lightscape is equipped to illuminate expansive, shared spaces with synchronized 40Hz light. Designed to enhance cognitive function in communal settings and open-concept spaces, position the lights around the space in a location of your choosing for maximum exposure and brain health benefits.


Flashing colored lights

Personalize Your Experience

Set your BEACON40 smart lamps to suit your personal preference for schedule, brightness, and tone (3 light-color settings).

The lights have simple and easy-to-use controls. But they also have optional smart home connectivity for those who prefer to set them to go on at a specific time of day for any chosen interval.

Optional smart home connectivity for those who wish to automate their experience. Enable voice or touch control of core features via free companion app for iOS or Android.
alexa smart home connection
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BEACON40 Surround close up of controls

Is BEACON40 Easy to Use?

Most people don’t have a lot of time to incorporate something new, but 40Hz light therapy is effortless. The light(s) sit in your peripheral vision as you go about your daily activities. All you have to do is plug the lamp in place where you would like to use it.

Setup Is Simple

Woman with BEACON40 in a kitchen

Why should I use 40Hz light therapy?

40Hz light therapy emulates the healthy gamma rhythm of your brain to help restore and rejuvenate memory. It is effortless and doesn’t require medications or their potential side effects.

Whether you’re looking to optimize cognitive performance for work or simply looking to boost your memory capacity, 40Hz light therapy can help achieve your goals.

Beacon40 light left facing
BEACON40 Personal
Beacon40 Surround light for Brain Health
BEACON40 Surround
BEACON40 Lightscape
Maintain Brain Health
Boost Memory & Cognitive Function
Sleep Well to Stave Off Age-related Illness
Personalize – Brightness, Tone, & Timer
Smart Home Connected
For Individually Used Locations Or Small Spaces
For Large Spaces Used By One Or Two People
For Shared Spaces Where People Move About