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Effortlessly Enhance Memory, Focus, and Sleep

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Detox Your Brain For Peak Performance

40Hz frequency strengthens the brain’s connections for better memory recall. Its gentle flicker stimulates essential gamma waves, enhancing memory creation and retrieval.

40Hz frequency enhances sleep by increasing adenosine levels in the brain and reducing sleep fragmentation for deeper, more restorative sleep.

40Hz frequency improves concentration by optimizing healthy gamma activity vital for cognitive processes. 


Science-Backed 40Hz Light


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Read The Results:

In double-blind clinical trials after six months of daily exposure to blinking 40Hz stimulation, participants experienced: 

  • 77% slowing in functional decline
  • 76% reduction in memory and cognitive decline
  • 69% reduction of brain atrophy, as measured by whole brain volume via MRI


Discover how BEACON40® can sharpen your mind and detox your brain

Additional Benefits To Gentle, Flickering 40Hz Light Therapy

Reduce Brain Fog

Heighten mental clarity and sharpen concentration.

Deepen Meditation

40Hz gamma light encourages relaxation and calm for optimal meditation.

Enhance Energy & Vitality

Feel less prone to fatigue without costly subscriptions.


Unlock Your Brain's Potential


Angela M.

"I would strongly recommend this light to anyone who is concerned about maintaining their memory. At age 54, I have noticed a difference in myself since using the light."


Pam O.

"I exercise and eat a healthy diet and I believe in many alternative health modalities so felt this light was definitely worth a go. I'm using BEACON40 because I think any preventative measures we take for our bodies are worth it- but especially for our brains."


Justin M.

"Thank you so much. I wanted to let you know that we have noticed a cognitive improvement with my mother who is using BEACON40 regularly so thank you for your product!".

40Hz Light Therapy Is effortless

A brain boost with the press of a button

setup is simple

Take charge of your brain health today

How 40Hz Light Therapy Works

Why 40Hz?

40Hz stimulation helps to improve memory by aligning with the brain’s natural gamma waves responsible for higher order cognitive function such as memory formation, conceptual thinking, and focus.

Is it safe?

Gentle 40Hz light is a noninvasive passive therapy. Research studies from leading brain health institutes report that 40Hz light is safe and tolerable.

Does it prevent memory loss?

Research suggests that 40Hz gamma pulses in your brain help clear out toxic plaque like beta-amyloid, which are associated with age-related cognitive decline. By stimulating these brain waves, 40Hz light therapy may slow down decline and protect against memory loss.

How does it work?

The science is in the flicker. Light blinking at precisely 40 times per second stimulates the gamma rhythms in your brain, leading to better memory, a more restful night’s sleep, and improved focus.

40Hz Light Therapy is Smart

Read the Scientific Studies from Leading Health Institutes


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