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Reclaim Your Memory in Just an Hour Daily

BEACON40 uses scientifically proven 40Hz light therapy to improve memory, sleep, and focus.

Live Smart

Revitalize your brain with 40Hz gamma light.

Live Smart

Revitalize your brain with 40Hz gamma light.

Live Smart

Revitalize your brain with 40Hz gamma light.

Live Smart

Revitalize your brain with 40Hz gamma light.

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Control your cognitive destiny starting now.

40Hz gamma light therapy strengthens brain connections for better memory recall. Its gentle flicker stimulates essential gamma waves, enhancing memory creation and retrieval.

The gamma waves induced by the 40Hz light support improved attention, focus, and working memory.

Memories are your most cherished asset. Research shows that brain waves stimulated by 40Hz light therapy can clear out toxic proteins linked to memory decline while safeguarding against memory loss.

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Read The Results:

Ongoing scientific studies show that after six months of daily exposure to blinking 40Hz stimulation, participants experienced: 

  • 84% slowing of functional decline
  • 83% slowing in memory and cognitive decline
  • 61% reduction in whole brain atrophy and volumetric loss

Shop now to remember later.

Positively influence your aging process with the BEACON40 smart lamp.

For all you invest in your health and wellness, none of it matters without a healthy brain.
Enhance your health and wellness efforts with the BEACON40 smart lamp. Prioritizing your well-being as you age is an investment that pays lifelong dividends.

Add BEACON40 To Your Cognitive Health Checklist:

Smarten up your health and wellness routine today.

Additional Benefits To Gentle, Flickering 40Hz Light Therapy

Improve sleep

Good sleep is vital for a healthy brain. 40Hz light therapy regulates your internal clock, promoting better sleep quality. Deep, restorative sleep helps protect against age-related cognitive decline.

Strengthen Vitality

By embracing the scientifically linked benefits of 40Hz light therapy, you can enjoy a natural and effective enhancement of your overall wellness and vitality.


40Hz light therapy requires nothing more than turning on the light for at least one hour per day. You can enjoy all the benefits without the potential side effects and costs of prescription medications.


Unlock Your Cognitive Potential with BEACON40®

Read How BEACON40 Has Made An Impact In Our Customer’s Lives


Angela M.

"I would strongly recommend this light to anyone who is concerned about maintaining their memory. At age 54, I have noticed a difference in myself since using the light."


Pam O.

"I exercise and eat a healthy diet and I believe in many alternative health modalities so felt this light was definitely worth a go. I'm using BEACON40 because I think any preventative measures we take for our bodies are worth it- but especially for our brains."


Justin M.

"Thank you so much. I wanted to let you know that we have noticed a cognitive improvement with my mother who is using BEACON40 regularly so thank you for your product!".

40Hz Light Therapy Is effortless

Our BEACON40® Smart Lamp Simply Works and Works Simply

Setup Is Simple

Woman with BEACON40 in a kitchen

Take charge of your brain health today

How 40Hz Light Therapy Works

Age smarter. You deserve it.

Why 40Hz?

The blinking 40Hz light therapy embedded in BEACON40 helps to strengthen and improve memory recall and storage by aligning with the brain’s gamma waves responsible for memory.

Is it safe?

The gentle, flickering 40Hz light technology in BEACON40 provides effortless, passive therapy. It is safe, noninvasive, and available without a prescription.

Does it prevent memory loss?

Research suggests that 40Hz gamma pulses help clear out toxic proteins like beta-amyloid, which are associated with age-related cognitive decline. By stimulating these brain waves, 40Hz light therapy may slow down disease progression and protect against cognitive decline.

How does it improve cognitive function?

Research suggests that 40Hz gamma pulses help clear toxic proteins associated with age-related cognitive decline. By stimulating these brain waves, 40Hz light therapy used in BEACON40 smart lamps improves sleep and may help protect against cognitive decline. 

40Hz Light Therapy is Smart

Read the Scientific Studies from Leading Health Institutes


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