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Rejuvenate Your Sleep, Revitalize Your Days


Get Deeper Sleep, Detox Your Brain

Restorative sleep is key to your nightly recharge and your long-term vitality. Optimize your sleep with science-backed 40Hz light.

Sleep Better, Age Better

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BEACON40® Users
“I wake up feeling like it's the first day of spring!"


Research indicates that 40Hz light therapy offers a safe, non-invasive, medication-free method to enhance sleep quality.


Doctors and nurses recommend BEACON40 for optimal brain wellness.

Groundbreaking 40Hz Light Therapy

Flickering 40Hz light encourages healthy brain activity that enhances sleep, mood, focus, and memory. Studies show that exposure to 40Hz light results in prolonged sleep with fewer awakenings. This gentle, noninvasive therapy supports daily detox and paves the way to improved sleep and brighter days ahead.
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How It Works

BEACON40® is a passive light therapy that integrates effortlessly into your daily routine.
Plug in your device

If you have more than one lamp, double-click the pairing button.

Use for an hour/day

Keep the light in your peripheral vision as you go about your daily routine during waking hours. 

Your brain cleans itself

Exposure to 40Hz activates your brain’s natural cleaning processes improving memory and focus. 

Get a better night's sleep

Studies show that exposure to 40Hz light results in prolonged sleep with fewer awakenings.

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BEACON40® For Every Space



Small Spaces

BEACON40® Personal is a singular radiant light tailored for individual use. Seamlessly integrate the lamp into any room. Whether it’s on your desk, kitchen counter, or beside your reading spot, let it accompany your daily tasks—answering emails, dining, or exercising. 


Large Spaces

BEACON40® Surround is a two-light system synchronized for larger rooms, ensuring the light stays within your peripheral vision, no matter your position. BEACON40 Surround can be used on either side of a TV, across a kitchen counter, or in co-working spaces.



Shared Spaces

BEACON40® Lightscape is ideal for lounges, gaming zones, or libraries. Illuminate communal areas with synchronized 40Hz light.


Read The Reviews

"I get an additional hour of sleep every night"

“So far I’ve noticed I’m more focused at work and it feels like I get an additional hour of sleep every night, which is HUGE for me!”

Elisabeth A.
"I sleep straight through the night.”

“It’s amazing how something as simple as this has changed the way I sleep. I keep the light on my desk every morning, and now I sleep straight through the night.” 

"I began to sleep longer and deeper than I have in months"

“About six months ago, I began using BEACON40, and within weeks, I began to sleep longer and deeper than I have in months if not years.” 

Robert R.