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BEACON40® Surround

BEACON40® Surround is a flexible two-light system designed for larger areas, ensuring consistent exposure to 40Hz flickering light regardless of your position in a room. Suitable for placement on either side of a TV, across kitchen counters, or in shared workspaces, this system enhances memory, sleep, and focus while you go about daily activities. Includes 1 base lamp and 1 satellite lamp. The satellite lamp is not a standalone unit and must be paired with the base lamp.
  • Improve Memory
    Strengthens the brain’s connections for better memory recall.
  • Enhance Focus
    Improves concentration by optimizing healthy gamma activity vital for cognitive processes.
  • Get Better Sleep
    Reduces sleep fragmentation for deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • Effortless Use
    Just one hour a day while watching tv, working etc.

1530 in stock

1530 in stock

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Setup is simple. Just plug in the lamp(s) and press the power button(s).
If you have more than one lamp, double-click the pairing button.

Turn on BEACON40 for an hour per day as you go about your normal routine. Use it while working, exercising, reading, or watching TV to effortlessly boost your brain performance.

BEACON40® is like a toothbrush for the brain! We believe everyone can benefit from the detoxifying brain healthy benefits of 40Hz light.

See noticeable improvement in 6 weeks or less or your money back!

All BEACON40® products are covered by our 1 year hardware warranty.