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Wendy, Veronica and Irina

Women Leadership Brings a Caring Touch to Wellness Devices and HealthTech

New studies show that women-led companies perform better, and nothing could surprise me less. The women I have worked with over the years have been remarkable in their productivity, organization, and ability to multitask. 


I was recently asked: “As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?” I knew the answer immediately: hire competent people—and then let them do their work! Today, I would like to pay tribute to HomeoLux’s all-women leadership team, who have taught me the wisdom of that piece of advice. They are not just a group of entrepreneurs, but also mothers and daughters who gracefully balance the responsibilities of running a business, raising children, and caring for their elderly parents—and make it look easy.

First is our fearless leader, Irina Tanenbaum, who has brought her powerful background in investment research and due diligence to our company. She has advised numerous startups, cultivating growth for seed-stage fundraising. Irina leads the way for the fast pace and rapid growth of HomeoLux. These days, Irina’s investment guidelines are based on principles of diversification: she doesn’t pick stocks; she picks sectors. Her favorite sector right now is, of course, SilverTech. Balancing IQ with EQ, Irina loves to immerse herself in sculpture, art, and piano music. 

I would like to pay tribute to HomeoLux’s all-women leadership team, who have taught me the wisdom of that piece of advice.

Every team needs an engine, and Wendy Bronfin is ours. She drives the company with her inexhaustible ambition and her unswerving dedication to delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. Wendy made the unlikely transition from her entrepreneurial roots in education and technology, where she developed products for the youngest generation, to the work we do now in delivering wellness solutions for seniors. She says that while there may be a 65-year age difference between those two target audiences, her process of user-centric design remains the same.

We say that Veronica Price is the brains of the operation. Veronica has always been fascinated by the connection between human behavior and the physiological and chemical changes in the body. She began studying neurobiology as a teenager and weaves her knowledge into the evolution of our scientific knowledge base and data-driven culture. Veronica is fascinated by the emerging research on Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, and dementia treatments.

According to CNBC, a record number of women now hold top positions at Fortune 500 companies, but women still only make up about 6% of CEO spots at companies on Fortune’s list. It should be clear to everyone that diversity and inclusion across leadership teams and throughout business tiers benefit everyone—employees, businesses, and economies.