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What Will the Future of Mental Health Care Bring?

Publication: verywell mind
Author: Lo Styx

“In a short span of time, the pandemic has increased our awareness of the vulnerability of our mental health. Sitting squarely at the intersection of our physical health and external circumstances, we’ve seen how quickly our moods and behaviors can be impacted by circumstances and challenges, and we’ve also realized just how strong and resilient our minds can be.

But perhaps most importantly, we are now witnessing a shift in our thinking about mental health. Concerns around mental health and its treatment are finally taking more of a front seat in the mainstream of society.

These considerations put us in a better position, moving forward, to understand ourselves and the experiences we share, as well as the exciting leaps being made in research and treatments.

The field of mental health care is ever-evolving, which might leave us wondering where we’re headed next. As we step forward into a world of less stigma, more understanding, and fewer barriers to care, we ask: what could the future of mental health care look like?

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