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Non-invasive 40Hz Light Flicker Ameliorates Rhythm Disorder Associated with Alzheimer’s

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Publication: National Library of MedicineAuthors: Youli Yao, Ying Ying, Qiyu Deng, Wenjiang Zhang, Huazhang Zhu, Zhenglong Lin, Shengli Zhang, Junxian Ma, and Yingying Zhao Patients with Alzheimer’s disease often exhibit disruptions in their circadian rhythm from sleep fragmentation before the onset of the disease symptoms. This study suggests that exposure to a 40Hz light flicker can improve rhythm disorders and offers a […]

Sleep Fragmentation and Cognitive Impairment in Adults

Publication: ScienceAuthors: Kirusanthy Kaneshwaran, Marta Olanhshinya Tasakilei, Lei  Yue, Elizabeth M. Bradshaw,  Julie Al Schneider, Aron S. Buchman, David A. Bennet, Phillip L DeJager, Andrew S. P. Lim  The link between sleep disruption and cognitive decline is explored in experimental studies looking to define the underlying reasons. Sleep deprivation is associated with altered expression of […]

40Hz Gamma Oscillation Improves Sleep

Publication: Frontiers Authors: Alyin Cimenser, Evan Hempel, Taylor Travers, Nathan Strozewski, Karen Martin, Zach Malchano, Mihaly Hajos Ongoing research focused on patient exposure to synchronized, 40Hz gamma oscillation and its impact on patients with and without Alzheimer’s disease. Results of this study demonstrated that one hour of daily therapy was well tolerated throughout a 6-month […]

Alzheimer’s Treatment: Research Discovers Flickering Lights

Publication: Harvard Busy people view sleep as a luxury and do not recognize the potential long-term health consequences of insufficient sleep. Researchers have documented findings that insufficient sleep increases a person’s risk of developing serious health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Through ongoing research,  experts report that getting enough high-quality sleep may be […]

TEDTalk: Are Brain Waves the Secret to Treating Alzheimer’s?

Publication: TED Author: Li-Huei Tsai What if we could use brain waves to treat Alzheimer’s? Professor and neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai details a promising new approach to artificially stimulate gamma brain waves using light and sound therapy, to increase connectivity and synchrony and delay the onset of this deadly disease. This non-invasive therapy has already been […]

Feasibility Trail of Gamma Sensory Flicker for Alzheimer’s

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Publication: Alzheimer’s AssociationAuthor: Qiliang He, Kay M. Colon-Motas, Alyssa F. Pybus, Lydia Piendel, Jonna K. Seppa, Margaret L. Walker, Cecelia M. Manzanares, Deqiang Qiu, Svjetlana Miocinovic, Levi B. Wood, Allan I. Levey, James J. Lah, Annabelle C. Singer After seeing the beneficial results of 40Hz lights reducing amyloid plaques in mice, researchers began a human […]

Deep Sleep Gives Your Brain a Deep Clean

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Publication: Scientific AmericanAuthor: Simon Makin Biologists seek to understand how and why sleep affects cognition and brain health. A new study, from a team at Boston University, uncovers the relations between sleep disturbance and psychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions, and may even point to new approaches to diagnosis and treatment. “We know sleep is really important […]

Could a Novel Light Therapy Help People?

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Publication: NewsWiseAuthor:  Mount Sinai Health System The National Institute of Health awarded Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai by approving a 5-year grant focused solely on 40 Hz light therapy. The project will use pulses of light to focus on enhancing sleep in patients while another focus is boosting gamma waves. For Dr. Mariana […]

Cognito Therapeutics Presents New Clinical Data

Publication: Biospace A Massachusetts-based neuro-physiology company developing a new class of digital therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative disorders presented key findings from clinical research at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in 2021. These results reported the impact of gamma frequency neuro-modulation on cognitive function in Alzheimer’s Disease, which showed improvements in sleep, improvements in memory and […]