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Spring Cleaning for Better Mental Health

man cleaning deck window

Interestingly, recent research is finding that the state of one’s physical environment is often inextricably tied to one’s mental state. That is, physical clutter in one’s home can be a significant contributor to mental clutter in the form of depression, anxiety, etc.

Types of Light Therapy and What Is Right For You

Although light therapy may feel like a new term, it is not a new form of treatment. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when the sun is shining? A healthy body requires regular exposure to light which is the simplest form of light therapy, for the production of Vitamin D.

Managing Multiple Medications for Memory Loss

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Managing Medication for the Dementia Patient: The Details and the Big Picture“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”: that’s a piece of wisdom that has been with us for two and a half millennia (it comes from Aristotle). No one feels the truth of this aphorism more than a caregiver who’s overseeing […]

Muscle Memory, Music, and Love

ballerina before and after alzheimer's

A recent video has gone viral on social media. It shows the late prima ballerina Marta C. Gonzalez Valencia, in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s, responding to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake by dancing, with her arms, from her wheelchair. The video will move you if you love music or if you love someone who has Alzheimer’s. But more than that, […]

Why Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease is Important

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Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most feared diseases of old age. A diagnosis is often met with shock and feelings of disbelief, anger, fear, hopelessness, and grief. Those experiences extend to close family members as well. A diagnosis does not mean an end of life as you know it. An early diagnosis can provide families time […]

Staying Connected with Family Using Micro-Events


One of the hardest things about social distancing is that many of us have to stay away from our aging parents, disrupting the comforting routine of our visits. And so we call them or video chat with them instead, but it’s not quite the same as being there. This is especially challenging for families who […]