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Spend Your FSA/HSA on BEACON40, Gamma Light Therapy

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Tapping into the benefits of 40Hz light therapy to improve memory and rejuvenate clear thinking isn’t hard. Sometimes, the simpler approaches to wellness deliver the best outcomes for your cognitive health. Take advantage of your available FSA and HSA dollars before the end of the year and use them to optimize your memory and attention and to keep yourself mentally sharp.

Repairing Sleep with Lights

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Imagine our delight when, within days of starting to use our BEACON40 lights, my wife and I were getting the best sleep we have had in decades.

Can Light Therapy Improve Sleep, Mood, and Memory?

In clinical trials, using 40Hz light neuroscientists found that after a few weeks of only one hour per day exposure they saw restoration of neural activity to improve cognition, additionally, neural connectivity and cell function dramatically improved. This reduced confusion, memory loss, and mood swings.

When Fathers Become Caregivers

On Father’s Day, families come together to celebrate multiple generations of beloved fathers in our lives. While we celebrate, we need also to reflect on how these terrible diseases have affected our dads, husbands, or spouses, either as patients or as caregivers.

Is Brain Health the Next Fitness Trend?

Most of us know that physical health can lead to brain health, but what we are only now discovering is how brain health can also drive physical health, suggesting that our brains may be ground zero for the next fitness craze. Our brains may be ground zero for the next fitness craze. The Body-Brain Connection […]

Why You Should Try Minimalism

In this article, we briefly explore the root of the minimalism movement, including recent findings about its impact on one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Celebrating Fathers Who Have Alzheimer’s

When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, our family had the same disparaging realization with which far too many others have been met: he’s going to forget us. As his disease has progressed, however, I have also begun to think about not forgetting him. By this I mean not forgetting who he used to be, the […]

Recharge Your Brain in the Great Outdoors

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Recent research has shown that being outdoors can have a significant positive influence on mood and cognition. And it doesn’t seem to matter what activities you take up; just being outside is often enough to elicit these improvements.