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Woman in bed showing a good night's sleep

Make Brain Health One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the season for reflection and New Year’s resolutions. This year, so many people are hoping for good health, others are focused on self-care and are goal-oriented around fitness. We go into the new year with refreshed optimism and motivation to achieve our resolutions, but it doesn’t take long for most people to give up on their goals. Nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of February. 

Why is it so hard to make our resolutions last? Why can’t we meet our self-defined goals? The answer is simple: we have demanding days and a multitude of responsibilities. Adding another to-do to our already full list isn’t practical. 

We make resolutions because we want to experience those positive outcomes and we believe we can achieve them by altering our habits.

The start of a new year is a celebration and an opportunity for a fresh start. We know how important self-care is. We know that when we eat, exercise, and sleep better –we are happier, healthier, and more productive. We make resolutions because we want to experience those positive outcomes and we believe we can achieve them by altering our habits.

For so many of us who are sandwiched between daily responsibilities of parenting, career, and caregiving, self-care is deprioritized. We don’t do it, and when we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re actually handicapping our ability to be our best at home and at work. The solution is finding a self-care routine that actually fits into our daily routines. The answer is effortless, passive therapies. The good news is that these exist.

Developing healthy habits isn’t easy and it can take months to build a regular routine. That’s why passive routines like light therapy are gaining attention. Daily exposure to light therapy is known to improve memory, mood, focus, and attention. One of the most impactful benefits yet is a dramatic improvement in sleep.

Everybody needs better, deeper sleep; and better sleep can be achieved by enhancing your daily wellness routines with BEACON40 Lights. BEACON40 lights are so simple to use–it’s effortless.

  1. Set the lights up in a comfortable location like your desk, an end table, or on either side of your TV.
  2. Use voice control to set a daily schedule for the lights to turn on, for just one hour every day, while you answer emails, or watch your favorite show.
  3. The lights should be in your peripheral view, but you’re not meant to look right at them. Think of them like a candle casting rejuvenating light.
  4. BEACON40 delivers 40Hz light, that’s light that flickers 40 times per second. The glimmering light fades into the background while you go about your daily routines.

By adopting an effortless New Year’s resolution, you’re setting yourself up for immediate success and extended health benefits.

Real habit forming happens when you experience the benefits and outcomes of your new routines. Get everything you deserve this year, and let the effortless experience of BEACON40 guide you there.