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pill and a brain made out of circuits

Light Therapy Is Like a Vitamin for Your Brain

What is a vitamin?

Vitamins aren’t medicine. Their purpose is not to interfere in some way with your body’s systems. Instead, they give you the raw materials you need for all your body systems to work properly. Vitamins aren’t drugs that change how your body works—they just give it the materials it needs to do what it does best.


Your body can make some of the vitamins it needs for itself. For example, your skin can produce its own vitamin D, as long as it’s exposed to the sunlight it needs for the process. Other vitamins come from the food we eat, and in the absence of disease, a well-balanced diet provides you with all the vitamins you need to live and grow and heal.

Light therapy: nourishment for your brain

Light therapy, particularly at 40Hz, may be like a vitamin for your brain. Just like a vitamin, it doesn’t override anything your brain does naturally. Instead, it works with your brain to reestablish its natural rhythms, which may have been disrupted by disease. 

You can think of 40Hz light therapy as the sunlight that helps you provide vitamin D: it supports your brain in the production of its own perfect natural rhythm. Or you can think of it as nourishment, providing the raw materials your body needs to create its components. Either way, it serves as a natural support for your brain.

The lights seem to rejuvenate the brains’ natural function, re-enabling the ability to clear out the toxins.

Clearing out the toxins

Your brain has the ability to prevent and clear out toxic build-up on its own. But for reasons not well understood, sometimes this ability is hindered, and the build-up of toxins (beta-amyloid or tau protein) gets ahead of the brain’s ability to keep it in check. This causes cognitive decline and impairment.

Scientists know that the brain has immune cells called microglia whose job it is to clear away waste and toxins from the brain. They also know that the normal oscillation rhythm of brain waves is 40 times per second—but when beta-amyloid or tau proteins build up, brain rhythm is disrupted causing dementia. Testing flickering lights in the proper gamma rhythm, mimicked health brainwaves, brains responded with a greatly increased number of microglia. The lights seem to rejuvenate the brains’ natural function, re-enabling the ability to clear out the toxins that were causing the impairment of cognitive abilities.

Like a vitamin for your brain

The light therapy I created with BEACON40™ is based on cutting-edge research, but designed to be gentle and noninvasive. Like a vitamin, its job is to nourish, support, and enhance. Light therapy at 40Hz, when used in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle choices, may support your brain so that it can function optimally and rejuvenate itself.