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The holiday season is filled with love and joy as family members and friends relive traditions and find new socially-distant ways to celebrate.  This time of the year can also become stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Gift-giving becomes even harder when it comes to loved ones who are battling Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. If you’re facing challenges with their memory loss, forgetfulness, and other safety issues, gifts may be the last thing on your mind. My mom always tells me that she doesn’t need anything for herself and that she doesn’t want anything at all. Some seniors are also difficult to shop for because they may have limited abilities, both cognitively and physically. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gifts for your loved ones that will enhance their quality of life, provide them comfort, and support their memory and brain health throughout the year. 

Custom Photo Album

For any grandparent and especially for someone experiencing “senior moments”, a photo album can preserve special family memories and important events. These memories will inspire conversation and help your loved one recall fond memories of friends, family, and occasions. 

ViewClix Smart Frames

These smart picture frames are especially helpful for making video calls to someone with dementia or who isn’t able to physically answer a call. ViewClix frames display digital photos in a 10-inch screen size or 15-inch screen size. Both sizes have video calling with an auto-answer mode. When auto-answer is set up, the older adult doesn’t need to do anything to receive a video call. 

Wearable Technology

Today’s wearable tech, like digital watches, comes with a host of safety features including fall detection, location tracking, and emergency monitoring. Wearable tech connects family members and provides caregivers peace of mind. So many seniors are active and independent, these features provide an extra layer of protection in the event of an emergency.

Cook Books for Brain Health

A recipe can be delicious, satisfying, and it turns out, good for your brain. Multiple studies have found a correlation between a healthy diet and regular exercise and a positive impact on brain health. Some foods like leafy green vegetables, fatty fish berries, nuts, and turmeric are recommended to nourish the brain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Creative Puzzles 

Especially during quarantine, our brains are all in need of entertainment, and what better way to engage independently or with your “pod” than with a puzzle? Puzzles will present your loved ones with a cognitive challenge, and they can be beautiful and interesting.  With options ranging from easy to difficult, they are suitable for any ability level and can offer feelings of accomplishment, and not to mention, fun to do together.

Make moments to connect; it’s the thought that really counts.

Keep Moving 

If walking is not an option for your loved one, an indoor exercise device such as a mini pedal exerciser is a great alternative. Amazon carries a wide variety of machines, from very simple to those that keep track of total reps, the number of calories burned, and time spent exercising. In-home sessions with a personal trainer may be more suitable for your lifestyle and is another great way to encourage physical activity. Pair these workouts with a set of hand and ankle weights or exercise resistance bands.

Passive Light Therapy

Research shows that flickering 40Hz light can stimulate the brain’s activity and rejuvenate healthy brain function. Our safe, silent, non-invasive light fits easily into daily routines, targeting working memory, attention, and coordination. The use of the BEACON40 has a positive effect for people who’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as 40Hz light therapy operates both to reduce the amount of amyloid plaque buildup and to excite gamma oscillations in the brain. To purchase our BEACON40 light therapy system, click here for HomeoLux’s special holiday offer, no code necessary.  

Remember that thoughtful gifts show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Enjoy time with your family if you are able to be together this holiday season. If you have to be distanced, make moments to connect; it’s the thought that really counts.