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Creating the Positive Impact For Families That Need Hope Now

Terry Moore, Chairman of HomeoLux, was a featured guest on Jana Short’s podcast “Oh, My Health…There Is Hope”. He discussed his personal experience with cognitive disease and how that motivated him to create BEACON40®, a wellness device that improves brain health and can be particularly therapeutic for people battling Alzheimer’s disease.


Terry’s wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016. Like so many families, the news hit them like a ton of bricks. They began searching for a solution only to discover there is no standard treatment or cure for the disease, and the last drug for Alzheimer’s was approved more than a decade ago. Undeterred, Terry continued looking for answers and soon came across research from MIT that focused on 40Hz lights, also known as gamma light therapy. Exposure to this flickering light was found to reduce the amount of amyloid plaque in the brain, which is a component of Alzheimer’s disease. MIT tests of 40Hz light were conducted in labs on mammals, Terry wondered if the same benefits could positively impact brain health in humans. He built a prototype and immediately started using 40Hz lights at home.  After a few weeks, Terry and his wife’s doctors noted significant improvement in her condition. These were remarkable results and prompted Terry to build BEACON40® lights for other families who need drug-free therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia — problems that need to be dealt with now.

While the majority of early adopters are people with early-onset cognitive issues or those who care for someone with cognitive issues, everyone can benefit from 40Hz light therapy.

Terry’s journey led him to the foundation of HomeoLux®, which takes its name from the Greek word that means “same light”. It is representative of how Terry turned his family’s devastating diagnosis into something that will benefit the millions of families living with Alzheimer’s and dementia today. BEACON40® is a light that mimics the brain’s healthy frequency of 40Hz. Terry says the lights are like a vitamin for your brain. They are safe and silent and fit easily into your daily routines.  While the majority of early adopters are people with early-onset cognitive issues or those who care for someone with cognitive issues, everyone can benefit from 40Hz light therapy. Terry keeps a BEACON40® on his desk and he turns it on every day.  He says it helps the body sustain itself in a natural way and keeps him feeling sharp and focused. BEACON40® can be placed on a desk or table — the user doesn’t need to stare at it. It is environmental, like a candle casting a nurturing light. The benefits of 40Hz light therapy are not noticeable overnight, but users report improvement in mood, better sleep, a return of memory, and more social engagement. 

Jana asked about maintaining healthy habits during this unprecedented time. Terry says the pandemic has placed a strain on people everywhere and of all ages but has especially impacted those with cognitive decline because of the way it isolates people from their families. Stimulation such as music, art, and dance therapy are essential and are very important to one’s well being. Contact and interaction are equally as important. Terry suggests online game nights and family phone calls as ways to maintain connections with other people. And because daily routines have changed drastically, he encourages structure and repeated events to avoid surprises. The pandemic has also resulted in added stress for caregivers. He emphasized that caregivers need to take care of themselves. 40% of caretakers pass away before the person they provide care for due to stress-related diseases. Terry recommends fresh air and exercise and to implement these activities into a schedule or they’ll be left behind.  

Jana Short is a global health and wellness influencer. Through her podcast, “Oh, My Health…There Is HOPE”, she is working to communicate the importance of healthy living and provide life-changing solutions for her listeners. Jana is not a product promoter but a people promoter. After hearing Terry’s story, she knew she had to share his mission with her followers.