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Can Wordle Boost Brain Strength?

Board Games

My 12-year-old daughter, my 82-year-old father, and all of my 50-something friends are addicted to Wordle. If you don’t yet know about this all-ages word game, I’ll explain.  Wordle challenges players each day to guess a five-letter word, with only six attempts to get the correct answer. The game was created by a software engineer […]

Holidays Gatherings and Dealing with Dementia

asian grandparents giving gifts to grandchildren

The holiday season is considered the most wonderful time of the year. It is a cherished time to gather together and create memories. This is especially true for someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive decline and their family members that care for them.

Protecting Your Brain from Dementia

white family having thanksgiving together

The good news is that making lifestyle changes can lower your risk of dementia significantly. It’s all about good habits: diet and exercise that promote vascular health, healthy mental and social activities, and good sleep practices.

Wholehearted Caregiving

older black woman hugging her daughter

There are so many practical things that take up caregivers’ time, especially for those taking care of aging parents while still parenting young ones at home. These caregivers have a vast to-do list that includes balancing careers, setting up doctors’ appointments for the whole family, and possibly being the decision maker for the future. As […]

Finding the Music in Our Lives

Tony Bennett, at the age of 95, recently gave one last performance at Radio City Music Hall, what sets this show apart from the others is that Tony has advancing Alzheimer’s disease.

What People Are Saying About BEACON40

Beacon40 Personal on kitchen counter

We introduced BEACON40®, our safe, noninvasive light systems 2 years ago. Since then we’ve helped thousands of families gain access to the advancing Alzheimer’s research making it easy to use in your home.

Sleep: The Brain’s Protector

casual middle aged couple lying in bed and smiling

We all know what a good reboot sleep can be for us, giving us new energy, creativity, and emotional resilience. Sleep is critical for cognitive processing, general health, and longevity.