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Creating the Positive Impact For Families That Need Hope Now

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Terry Moore, Chairman of HomeoLux, was a featured guest on Jana Short’s podcast “Oh, My Health…There Is Hope”. He discussed his personal experience with cognitive disease and how that motivated him to create BEACON40®, a wellness device that improves brain health and can be particularly therapeutic for people battling Alzheimer’s disease.   Terry’s wife was […]

Women Leadership Brings a Caring Touch to Wellness Devices and HealthTech

Wendy, Veronica and Irina

New studies show that women-led companies perform better, and nothing could surprise me less. The women I have worked with over the years have been remarkable in their productivity, organization, and ability to multitask.    I was recently asked: “As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?” […]

Alzheimer’s Care at Home May Mean Higher Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic

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We don’t yet know whether Alzheimer’s disease in itself increases the danger of COVID-19. Some new studies suggest there might be a relationship between susceptibility to the virus and certain genes that are associated with Alzheimer’s. But even without hard evidence for a link between Alzheimer’s and COVID, there are many less direct dangers that we know […]

How to Make Stress Your Friend: The Biology of Resilience

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One of the exciting developments in medical science in recent years has been a deepening of our understanding of how the body affects the mind—and especially of how the mind affects the body. This interaction is particularly clear when it comes to the brain. We have known for some time, for instance, that activities that […]

Good Judgment Comes From Experience. Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.

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My grandmother was a remarkably kind person. Once my college roommate answered a phone call from her when I wasn’t home. My roommate told me, “Someone called for you, and she said she’d call back, but I forgot to ask who it was.” “What did she sound like?” I asked. “She sounded…comforting.” I knew immediately […]

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Books for Caregivers

alzheimers caregivers books to read

Many caregivers find themselves unexpectedly tossed into their roles. Caregivers need education, support, and comfort too — and few people know this better than family members battling Alzheimer’s. Caregiving for family members with dementia poses constant challenges and it can be difficult to find the proper resources for care advice, coping mechanisms, and even financial […]

Alzheimer’s Research Delivers Results

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Alzheimer’s disease raises a host of uncertainties. First, the early signs of cognitive decline can be hard to pin down. Even when it’s obvious that dementia is present, the cause is not always clear. And the greatest uncertainty can be about the future: How quickly will the dementia progress? How will it affect our lives? How will […]