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Control Your Cognitive Destiny with Effortless Light Therapy

Cognitive destiny refers to the idea that there is a predetermined endpoint to our brains, predicated on the peculiarities of our own genetic lottery. Whether we are going to develop dementia or cognitive decline were thought to have been based on our genetics.

Calculate Your Brain Age

You may be wondering what, exactly, “brain age” means, why it may be important to you, and what you may be able to do to help protect it.

Is Brain Health the Next Fitness Trend?

Most of us know that physical health can lead to brain health, but what we are only now discovering is how brain health can also drive physical health, suggesting that our brains may be ground zero for the next fitness craze. Our brains may be ground zero for the next fitness craze. The Body-Brain Connection […]

Why You Should Try Minimalism

In this article, we briefly explore the root of the minimalism movement, including recent findings about its impact on one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Recharge Your Brain in the Great Outdoors

woman sitting on dock drinking coffee in morning

Recent research has shown that being outdoors can have a significant positive influence on mood and cognition. And it doesn’t seem to matter what activities you take up; just being outside is often enough to elicit these improvements.

Spring Cleaning for Better Mental Health

man cleaning deck window

Interestingly, recent research is finding that the state of one’s physical environment is often inextricably tied to one’s mental state. That is, physical clutter in one’s home can be a significant contributor to mental clutter in the form of depression, anxiety, etc.

How Buddhists Teach Us About Brain Waves

buddhist monks meditating with their hands together

While we are only now beginning to understand the complex relationship between brain waves and longer-term cognitive health, the emerging science is highly compelling, with the potential to positively impact millions of people. This is what has inspired BRIGHT to fast-track this cutting edge research, bringing 40Hz light therapy and our BEACON40 light system out of the lab and into your home.