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Women’s Brain Health: Enhance Cognitive Health During Menopause and Beyond

As Women’s History Month continues to highlight our progress and empowerment, we also know more attention needs to focus on women’s health, including brain health. Women’s brain health and cognitive well-being is a complex and evolving field of study, with research from Michigan Medicine showing that women experience faster age-related cognitive decline compared to men. Additionally, menopause and the hormonal changes it involves can impact memory and cognitive function.

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Mindful Moderation: Understanding Alcohol’s Influence on Brain Health

As the new year continues to unfold, many of us are revisiting daily habits, looking for ways to enjoy a healthier 2024 by fortifying our wellness routines. While considering lifestyle choices that affect our cognitive health, understanding the impact of alcohol – even light to moderate drinking – is crucial. Alcohol consumption is a common aspect of social gatherings and relaxation for many individuals. However, recent studies shed light on its detrimental effects on cognitive health. 

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Balance Wellness and Holiday Commitments

The holiday season, with its unique blend of joy and inevitable stress, offers me a chance to reflect on our collective approaches to wellness. During this time, the rush of activities and the quest for perfection often eclipses the true essence of well-being. I know this all too well from personal experience. In this blog post, I want to share with you effective strategies for integrating wellness into your holiday traditions, based on my own philosophies and experiences as a former caregiver, working mother and executive at BEACON40.

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