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Kelly George is an advocate for brain health, supporting BRIGHT’s mission to help actively aging adults to adopt wellness routines to improve sleep and stave off age-related health risks.


Kelly encourages the adoption of BEACON40 lights into your wellness routines to rejuvenate healthy brain function and boost sleep, memory, mood and focus. 

Researchers began reporting the positive impact of 40Hz light therapy as a drug-free technique to improve sleep and brain function. Using LED lights flickering at a specific 40Hz frequency, researchers at leading brain health institutes have shown that they can induce healthy gamma rhythm in the brain activating its natural cleaning processes. 40Hz stimulation, given one hour a day for 6 months, had dramatic positive effects on sleep and cognition. Stimulation at other frequencies, ranging from 20 to 80 hertz, did not produce this decrease.

Health changes happen in the 99.9% of your life when you are in between doctor’s visits.

BEACON40 is a doctor-recommended, light therapy that rejuvenates healthy brain function leading to remarkable health benefits. By activating the brain’s natural cleaning process adults of all ages can experience better sleep, and avoid age-related health risks including memory loss.

Daily exposure for just one hour each day complements your regular wellness habits including a healthy diet, exercise and social and mental activities. The lights fade into the background and complement daily routines like reading, watching television or answering emails.

BEACON40 light systems are available for home and office use, without a doctor’s prescription.

Enhanced Focus And Concentration With Restorative Light