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Discover how to use BEACON40® lights.

BEACON40 light systems are simple to set up and use. You can find answers to commonly asked questions here.

Yes! The science is in the flicker. The latest research shows light blinking at precisely 40 times per second, i.e., 40Hz, stimulates the gamma rhythms your brain naturally produces while concentrating. This stimulation also leads to a more restful night’s sleep, better mood, and improved memory. The nurturing flickering  40Hz light is what distinguishes BEACON40 from other light therapies.

To experience our products risk-free, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Our promise to you is simple: should you find that our product does not bring the noticeable results we both expect within six weeks of receiving your BEACON40, we invite you to contact our Customer Service team at to initiate a return and receive 100 percent of your money back.

Integrating BEACON40 into your home or workplace is an easy and seamless process designed to enrich your environment with restorative light without disrupting your lifestyle. Begin by placing the lamp within your peripheral vision. Plug it in and press the power button. You do not need to look directly into the light but you do need to keep your eyes open. BEACON40 will blink at 40 times per second, otherwise known as 40Hz frequency. This flickering stimulates your brain’s natural activity, enhancing sleep, memory, and focus. We recommend using the lamp for at least one hour per day. You can tailor brightness, tone, and duration to suit your needs.

BEACON40 offers three light configurations to accommodate a number of people and room sizes. For compact areas, such as your desk, reading nook, or bedside table, BEACON40 Personal offers a single-light setup. Choose our flexible BEACON40 Surround dual-light configuration to share the flickering 40Hz light with another person or to blanket a room with 40Hz light, such as in a kitchen or living room. BEACON40 Lightscape includes four lamps to place in one large room typically used by two or more people, such as in an expansive, open-concept area.

BEACON40 fits within your lifestyle, emitting restorative flickering light while you go about your daily activities. Place your BEACON40 lamp within your peripheral vision 3 to 15 feet away from you while you cook, exercise, meditate, watch TV, work, or relax. BEACON40 offers three light configurations depending on the number of people and the space you’re in. Place BEACON40 Personal, our single light for compact spaces, on your desk or a side table near a reading nook, or any other cozy space where you plan to be for at least an hour. BEACON40 Surround is a flexible 2-light configuration for one or more people to receive 40Hz light therapy no matter where they are in the room. You can place BEACON40 on either side of your TV or diagonally across the room from each other or on either side of a sitting area. BEACON40 Lightscape is a 4-light configuration for a shared large or open-concept area.  Position your lamps around the space in a location of your choosing for maximum exposure to BEACON40’s soothing flickering light.

Research indicates that daily exposure to 40Hz frequency light may lessen detrimental amyloid plaque in the brain, reducing symptoms like brain fog, confusion, and difficulties with recall. This discovery led to the creation of BEACON40 and our mission to support brain health. However, it’s crucial to understand that BEACON40 is not a medical device and is not intended to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. It is designed to support overall brain health. It should complement a healthy lifestyle, including a brain-healthy diet, deep sleep, exercise, meditation, and challenging puzzles and games.

BEACON40 uses LED lights, which typically last 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb, 20–25 times longer than a halogen, and 8–10 times longer than a CFL. Used daily, BEACON40 will last more than 10 years.

You should not use this product if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy, or have been diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy. Please consult a doctor before use if you believe you may be prone to this.


For most people, doctor-recommended BEACON40 is a safe, natural solution for improved brain health. The flicker in the lamp delivers a gentle, noninvasive light that gently stimulates your brain, resulting in better sleep, memory, and focus. Additionally, you can enjoy BEACON40 without potential side effects associated with prescription medication.