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BEACON40® Affiliate Program

Who We Are

BEACON40® is a on a mission to revolutionize brain health. Groundbreaking, science-backed 40Hz light therapy showcases the potential to rejuvenate brain functions, reduce toxic amyloid plaque build-up, and significantly improve neural connectivity.

How The Program Works

Leverage your blog, website, social media channels, email list, and other audiences to drive sales of BEACON40® products and earn commissions on those sales. We provide customers with the best value and service, so you will convert more traffic and drive higher revenue. 

How To Join

Click the Apply Now button and submit your application. We will promptly review and respond. Log in to your affiliate dashboard, hosted on Everflow to get your custom affiliate link and creative assets. Promote to your audience and earn commission on every sale!

Program Highlights

  • 20% Commission
  • 30 Day Cookie Lifetime
  • Viral Product
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Average Order Value of $300+
  • High Quality Creative
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Ultra High Quality Product

Award Winning Design
2022 Good Design Award winner, 2024 IF Design finalist.

Adjustable tone, brightness and timer. Smart home connected.

Easily pair the base unit with up to 15 satellites to deliver synchronized 40Hz light in any space.

Built to Last
High quality construction built to last over 10 years.

Transformational Results

Improve Memory
Strengthens the brain’s connections for better memory recall.

Enhance Focus
Improves concentration by optimizing healthy gamma activity vital for cognitive processes.

Get Better Sleep
Reduces sleep fragmentation for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Effortless Use
Just one hour a day while watching tv, working etc.

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Extraordinary Customer Service

Fast Shipping
Ships in 1-2 business days.

100% Money Back Guarantee
See noticeable results in 6 weeks or less or your money back!

1 Year Warranty
All BEACON40® products are backed with a one year warranty.

Responsive Support
Our responsive US based customer service team ensures total satisfaction for all customers.


Read The Reviews

"Game-changer for anyone wanting to clear brain fog"

Using BEACON40 lights is a massive game-changer for anyone wanting to clear brain fog and get to work. Increased productivity to start your day and continue throughout is a must for high-functioning individuals. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Bev H.
"I feel like I focus so much better"

I feel like I focus so much better. Another thing that I’ve noticed is how much deeper I sleep when I consistently use the lights. I am happily surprised that it’s helped with additional things that I didn’t even think about. It’s really been great, and I tell my friends they should buy it!

Tara S.
There’s definitely been a difference for my wife and I notice too that I’m better focused.”

I bought BEACON40 for my wife to help her focus better as she has severe brain fog from an autoimmune disorder. There’s definitely been a difference for my wife and I notice too that I’m better focused.

Jeremy S.